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Intro & help!

*waves* Why are intros always so awkward? I always find them slightly narcissistic. Im 21, english but live in Australia so we get everything late, and am addicted to red dwarf and brittas empire. I think this community is the best thing going, Rimmer is definetly the best one out of the lot, although i do constantly quote Cat for some reason.

Just wanted to introduce myself and my site - www.chris-barrie.net its new and as yet is just a splash page. Im definetly not graphically talented at all, and am waiting on a layout - all the free and paid graphics site ive looked at, and theres about a million - are booked up or not accepting orders, or have closed down - so am waiting on someone with graphics talent!  But i have a large stash of images and info and am working on starting a forum to attach to the site also, cos i figure we should all have a spot to drool over chris barrie. Itll be on him, but wil obviously feature a lot of Rimmer. Also Brittas if anyones a fan of that also. 

Im on the cadge for anyone who would love to donate graphics, or layout - i would marry you, well maybe not marry you, id marry Rimmer for you - or images, articles etc that would be greatly appreciated! Also - his new series isnt showing on Aussie tv so if anyone has any info on this, that would also be appreciated, at the moment i just have his official site post and thats about it.  Im not intending the site to be the "biggest" thing online, i just wanted to create a site fangirls like myself could happily peruse. Any help'd be greatly appreciated!

Completley unrelated - what episode is Rimmer in the pink suit and hat from? I have seen the ep before but am having a brainsnap and cannot remember it at all.

Sorry if the post is inappropriate, plz delete if so.

Awesome community.

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