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Rimmer's Nostrils

Does anyone else find Rimmer's nostrils sexy? Or, maybe I should put that another way...does anyone find Rimmer sexy when he flares his nostrils? I mean, he's always sexy, but I'm particularly fond of his nostril moments...hehe. He just passionate or something. Am I making any sense? Haha...anyway, here are some good flared nostril pics. ;) (screencaps from here.) 




And this isn't Rimmer, but it has another good nostril moment...check out the 6:03 mark...he's so cute! :) 

Just realized the counter goes backwards when the video is played that case check out 1:17. :P

Discuss, people! :D

PS - I was practising the piano just before I did this post and was getting really frustrated. And I think I've been watching too much Red Dwarf lately, because without thinking I did the fist-in-mouth thing, Rimmer style. My mom was in the room too but she didn't see me do!
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