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Favourite H Poll

Hi everyone!

I love how Rimmer's H changes every so often throughout the show, and I'm curious about which H people like the best. So I've assembled some screencaps thanks to these lovely links here, and I've made a poll. Try not to be swayed by how hot Rimmer is in any particular picture, just vote for the H itself. ;) 

Update: The poll SHOULD be working now. :D

 The white bulky H of Series I and II (actually, the one for Series II looks a little less bulky to me, but I guess it isn't different enough to be considered separately). 

The sparkly H from Tongue Tied:

The greeny H of Series III and IV:

The slender H of Series V, VI, and VII:

The Holoship H:

And, of course, the Low Rimmer crooked H (I'm not even sure this counts as it's the same slender H, only crooked, but I'll include it anyway). :P

I hope I didn't forget any! 

Poll #985691 Favourite H

What is your favourite H?

Series I and II
Series III and IV
Series V, VI, and VII
Tongue Tied
Low Rimmer

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I'd love to vote, but I can't seem to click on the 'Submit Poll' button. It's all unclickable and stuff..... MAYBE I'VE BECOME A HOLOGRAM WITHOUT REALISING!??!?! Anywho, I shall cast my vote via the wondrous means of 'text':
I love the I & II H simply because it's so bulky and looks like it could fall off at any moment (and I <3 Series 1 & II Rimmer), but I'm going to vote for Series III & IV H. Because it's shiny.
Oh dear, I see what you mean! I've never done a poll before...eek! I'll keep fiddling with it.

What a fast reply, by the way...I was still editing and stuff and then I saw there was already a reply...yay! :D
Heheh. How lucky that I just happened to go onto LJ at the particular moment in time that you were making a poll...
P.S: I have to say it's a slightly weird feeling seeing your icons used by other people... but in a good way! Like pride mixed with 'I could've done that one better...'
Yeah I know what you mean, it is weird! Although that hasn't happened to me very often since I haven't made many...

Anyway, I'm not having much luck with this poll thing. Sigh. I'll have another go at it tomorrow, because it's almost 1 in the morning where I am. :P I guess everyone can just discuss it in the comments until I get it sorted

All you poll experts out there...advice is appreciated! :D
Nope, the poll doesn't seem to be working for me either but I would have chosen -

The slender H of Series V, VI, and VII:

Hee - I just thought Chris should have an H tattooed somewhere just for the nostalgia. Not on his forehead obviously! :D Perhaps an arm or thigh? :P
That's a good idea! Although, maybe he doesn't want that much pain. :P But it could be a really small tattoo...hehe.
Another vote for the Series III/IV green H. I just love that "Captain Emerald" look. ^_^
Wow that is a really hard question! Each H has its own unique charm. I don't think I can decide!
I know, I'm having trouble deciding myself! I'm kind of partial to his Series V/VI/VII H, but I also like the big white one. Hmmm...
I guess I should have added a "can't decide" option. When I get back from class tonight I'll try to fix the poll again and add that option. :P
Hmm ... I'm a Rimmer series II girl so the clunky H has always appealed to me but the greeny series III one has to win. WIN! I tell it to win!

Regarding the poll, my advice is to edit this post and redo the poll again. I've had issues with polls before and after smacking the monitor for a bit, I figured instead of fiddling with the html, it is was easier to just create the poll again and copy & paste the html into the entry. *nod*

If that makes sense...
I did that, and after some more fiddling, I think I have it fixed AND behind the cut. :D Thanks for the advice!
Yup! It works now. Hurrah! :)
It's weird though, because I tried it out on my own journal, then copied the html into this post. When I deleted my journal entry, it stopped working. So I had to do it basically the poll is being "hosted" on my journal...weird! Oh well. :P

Lovely icon by the way! :D


10 years ago

Yaaaay I've actually voted now. Decision hasn't changed. Series III/IV H is <3
It looked like Series III and IV was the most popular but now Series V/VI/VII seems to have taken the lead. Interesting...

Anyone else going to vote? :D