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Hi, I'm new here of course.

I decided to post here to see if I could get this community started up again. I recently stumbled across it to see that there have been no new posts made since mid last year!!

I used to watch Red Dwarf almost religiously with my dad when I was younger. We hadn't watched it for a while when the new episodes (Back to Earth, which aren't as good as the originals if you ask me) aired. I've started to watch the episodes again on YouTube and I've just discovered how gorgeously sexy Rimmer is. He was always my favourite character, but I've only just become a fan of his body too! lol

So I hope in some way, for some reason, this small post might start activity up in this community again. I would offer gifts of icons but my icon making software was lost when my computer had to be wiped! :(

Stargatecrazy :)
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