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I have pressies. I have this lil Graphic's program, nothing fancy, it just does PopArt-ish stuff (See icon).

I was a bit bored so I thought I'd play, and then, because I'm nice, I'd thought I'd share too.


Images stolen from lady_draco (Thanks BTW :D) over here.
Oh, if anyone likes it, the Icon is also Gankable with credit. :)



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Thanks, I went to see a Warhol exhibit, when I was in Scotland, from what I read about him I think he'd be fascinated by what we can do now creatively with Computers.

The software did the work, I just choose the picture and saved the ones I thought work best.

I'm using the Single Quarantine image as wallpaper, it works quite well.

Deleted comment

It's a really good exhibit, It's not just his well know works, it also has some of his Early sketches, They show some of his screen tests, those were cool and even has some of personal affects. Both my friend and I found it interesting.

I'm releaved that Mr Flibble likes my work.

I'm not sure I have a Fave-Fave Ep, I quite like Stoke me a clipper and Marrooned, Very cool.

Shit is that The Time?!

Night hun.

Those are very cool! Thanks for posting them! :)
Thankyou and you're welcome. :)