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Video - Down (Rimmer POV) [05 May 2012|11:27pm]

Title: Down
Vidder: darkbunnyrabbit
Song Title/Band: Down, by Jason Walker
Rating: PG at most
Series: Red Dwarf
Summary: Spoilers up to S7 Stoke me a Clipper

This is a fairly straightforward tribute/character POV vid of Rimmer, specifically his feelings while considering the mantle of Ace, and his general sense of unfairness throughout the rest of his tenure.


I originally had a plan to use this song for another video, but I'm so glad I didn't this one is a much better concept.
I don't have access to my remastered version at the moment, so the quality of the video isn't as nice as I'd like it to be.
There's a few glitches left in the video that bug me, but Vegas is so slow it's hard to know what the video will look like until it's done, and the glitches aren't enough to go back and fix them.
Holoship is legit one of the saddest episodes for Rimmer.
Better than Life is also one of them.
It's all his POV, so even if he richly deserves his comeuppance, it counted.
The scene where he's using learning drugs is not about finding his revisions, in case it isn't clear, I just used it to indicate how desperately he wanted to pass.

Link: here

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Red Dwarf on Dave [22 Apr 2009|03:10pm]

Just bought latest Radio Times for next week and scanned the Dave listings. Red Dwarf is only on Wednesday at 9pm and 9.40pm (*cries*)

This week's listings only has Red Dwarf on Wednesday at the same times so I guess it's going to be a weekly showing of two episodes for the foreseeable future.

They seem to be showing BtE ep1 at 9, then an older episode afterwards, tomorrow night. Next week's second ep says that the crew meet their evil selves so I assume that will be the Rimmer-in-stockings ep "Demons and Angels."

If only it was Terrorform, instead..... (*sighs*)

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Afternoon, all [21 Apr 2009|02:01pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi everyone

Am in a bit of a CB/RD mood today.

Windows Movie Maker is finally working so it looks like I will be able to continue my RD fan vid.

And all morning I've been creating a Red Dwarf fan fic centring on our favourite smeghead.

Just need to have a Chris Barrie/Arnold Rimmer dream tonight and it will officially be Red Dwarf Monday.

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[19 Apr 2009|03:49pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Thought I'd follow stargatecrazy and try and start this up again
I'm new too :)
Love Red Dwarf, pretty much obsessed actually :)
Although, I agree, I don't think the new episodes were quite as good as the old ones
Had a huge Red Dwarf marathon this week, every single episode
And I've got the Arnold Rimmer song permenantly in my head now
Rimmer's my favourite character too, I love his smugness and his sarcasm, and frankly I love Chris Barrie lol

So just saying hello... :)

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Hey [19 Apr 2009|12:43pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hi, I'm new here of course.

I decided to post here to see if I could get this community started up again. I recently stumbled across it to see that there have been no new posts made since mid last year!!

I used to watch Red Dwarf almost religiously with my dad when I was younger. We hadn't watched it for a while when the new episodes (Back to Earth, which aren't as good as the originals if you ask me) aired. I've started to watch the episodes again on YouTube and I've just discovered how gorgeously sexy Rimmer is. He was always my favourite character, but I've only just become a fan of his body too! lol

So I hope in some way, for some reason, this small post might start activity up in this community again. I would offer gifts of icons but my icon making software was lost when my computer had to be wiped! :(

Stargatecrazy :)

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hiiiiiiiiiii [01 May 2008|04:23pm]

[ mood | curious ]

anyone got any pics, gifs or icons of demon rimmer in "demons and angels"? and has anyone got any gifs or pics of the listy/rimmer kiss in "blue"?

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OMG [17 Apr 2008|05:15pm]

[ mood | horny ]

i just saw terrorform for the first time last nite!

rimmer is so beautiful when stripped and tied up lol

but i felt really sorry and sad for him when he was on about how he knew everyone hated him!

i love rimmer and im glad theres people out there like me that dooo =] 

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hey [03 Apr 2008|04:30pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]

i'm new here and i've watched red dwarf for ages and only recently have realised how cute rimmer is.

does anyone know where i can get a photoshop 7.0 brush of all of his "H" symbols?


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[12 Jan 2008|08:17pm]


{10} Calamity Jane
{16} Lion King
{18} Aladdin
{16} Doctor Who S3 Special Features
{31} Doctor Who (S1, S2 + S3)
{13} Harry Potter (PoA)
{12} Life on Mars
{15} The Office (US)
{15} Pirates of the Caribbean (CotBP)
{11} The Pianist
{12} Red Dwarf (S6)


{01} Aladdin
{02} Doctor Who (S3)

All over HERE @ limbslikewire if you're interested

Posts are locked after 4 days

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Intro & help! [12 Jan 2008|09:11pm]

*waves* Why are intros always so awkward? I always find them slightly narcissistic. Im 21, english but live in Australia so we get everything late, and am addicted to red dwarf and brittas empire. I think this community is the best thing going, Rimmer is definetly the best one out of the lot, although i do constantly quote Cat for some reason.

Just wanted to introduce myself and my site - its new and as yet is just a splash page. Im definetly not graphically talented at all, and am waiting on a layout - all the free and paid graphics site ive looked at, and theres about a million - are booked up or not accepting orders, or have closed down - so am waiting on someone with graphics talent!  But i have a large stash of images and info and am working on starting a forum to attach to the site also, cos i figure we should all have a spot to drool over chris barrie. Itll be on him, but wil obviously feature a lot of Rimmer. Also Brittas if anyones a fan of that also. 

Im on the cadge for anyone who would love to donate graphics, or layout - i would marry you, well maybe not marry you, id marry Rimmer for you - or images, articles etc that would be greatly appreciated! Also - his new series isnt showing on Aussie tv so if anyone has any info on this, that would also be appreciated, at the moment i just have his official site post and thats about it.  Im not intending the site to be the "biggest" thing online, i just wanted to create a site fangirls like myself could happily peruse. Any help'd be greatly appreciated!

Completley unrelated - what episode is Rimmer in the pink suit and hat from? I have seen the ep before but am having a brainsnap and cannot remember it at all.

Sorry if the post is inappropriate, plz delete if so.

Awesome community.


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Random thinking [30 Sep 2007|06:31pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I had an idea for the perfect Red Dwarf Spin off Details here.

Yes, no, maybe?



Crossposted to red_dwarf, reddwarfslash rimmerworld and reddwarffanfic so sorry for Spamage

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Fanworks Competition [02 Sep 2007|10:02pm]

I hope I'm allowed to post this. The Brittas Empire fanforum is having a fanworks competition. Anyone who likes the show, or knows of it and wants to create stuff, is welcome to participate. The theme is 'Obsession' and it lasts for two weeks. You can interpret that theme however you want. We're accepting fanfiction, icons, banners, fanvids, fanart, whatever.
It's very hard to find fans willing to do this. So it's been crossposted around a little.
If you didn't know, The Brittas Empire was a 90s 'black slapstick' (think Fawlty Towers) britcom starring Chris Barrie as Gordon Brittas. I know it's not Rimmer, and frankly other than the fact they both have Chris in it and both characters are rather 'annoying' , I try not to compare *too* much, but I know that there are overlapping fans, so I thought some of you might be interested.

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Yo! [27 Aug 2007|11:33pm]

[ mood | creative ]


I have pressies. I have this lil Graphic's program, nothing fancy, it just does PopArt-ish stuff (See icon).

I was a bit bored so I thought I'd play, and then, because I'm nice, I'd thought I'd share too.


Billy, Ace and some random RimmerCollapse )



X-Posted to cbarriepictures, red_dwarf and rimmerworld

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Hello [06 Aug 2007|08:18pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

Newbie alert...

Just a quick intro, 29, female, british.


For further details please go here.
(Spoilers for Blue)

Sorry, This is bit of a crappy intro, but My eyes are starting to hurt so I'm thinking its a good idea to come off the computer for a bit.

But before i do, does anyone have any Caps Of Rimmer-as-Lister from Bodyswap? Please.



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[17 Jul 2007|03:39pm]

red dwarf: s1x01 THE END  s4x06 MELTDOWN
supernatural: s2x22 AHBLx2
little miss sunshine: VARIOUS + HEADER
resevoir dogs: VARIOUS
stock: ANATOMY
textures: NEON

@ rv_icons
add me

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One more desperate attempt for activity? [10 Jun 2007|08:23pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

It's so very rarely that Rimmer smiles. Genuinely. But he has such a gorgeous smile, so lets all try and find pictures of RIMMER (not Chris Barrie/Gordon Brittas/etc.) smiling. And it has to be a real smile. Like so.

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Rimmer's Nostrils [09 Jun 2007|10:26pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Does anyone else find Rimmer's nostrils sexy? Or, maybe I should put that another way...does anyone find Rimmer sexy when he flares his nostrils? I mean, he's always sexy, but I'm particularly fond of his nostril moments...hehe. He just passionate or something. Am I making any sense? Haha...anyway, here are some good flared nostril pics. ;) (screencaps from here.) 

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Wakey wakey, sleepy community [26 May 2007|09:37pm]

Icon making > English essays.

There are 13 average looking icons over here!

EDIT: To entice you further, here is a Rimmer's hands themed picspam!

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Favourite H Poll [15 May 2007|12:19am]

[ mood | hungry ]

Hi everyone!

I love how Rimmer's H changes every so often throughout the show, and I'm curious about which H people like the best. So I've assembled some screencaps thanks to these lovely links here, and I've made a poll. Try not to be swayed by how hot Rimmer is in any particular picture, just vote for the H itself. ;) 

Update: The poll SHOULD be working now. :D


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There aren't enough icons on LJ dammit!! [14 May 2007|02:16pm]

Went on a photoshop frenzy recently. Mostly icons. Some are crap, so those ones. One isn't actually a Rimmer icon at all - it's from his appearance on Blackadder, but I couldn't resist. His pants were so tight!!

One is a wallpaper, because I was feeling dangerous!

Teasers ruin the surprise :P

Icons: 23!!! Wallpapers: 1...Collapse )

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